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The weather is warming up, and the wildlife is coming out!

By Janie Goodyer | Dated September 20, 2017

The weather is heating up and that means local wildlife are becoming more active, reptiles in particular. Please keep an eye out for snakes and lizards in sunny patches and […]

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Pet of the week is little Honey

By Janie Goodyer | Dated August 9, 2017

Pet of the week is Honey. You may remember her from a recent post where we mentioned that she was going to have her teeth cleaned. Honey is a lovely […]

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Our Pet of the week this week is Lillee, the Manx cross

By John Morgan | Dated July 12, 2017

Lillee (named after the legendary Australian cricketer Dennis Lillee) is a 15 year old Manx cross who was diagnosed with Diabetes mellitus in 2014. Diabetes mellitus is the inability to […]

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Joey’s Pet of the Week – Hugo Gets the Snip

By admin | Dated May 3, 2017

Heya gang! How are you all?? Struggling through a full week after all those Public Holidays?? It’s been tough, hasn’t it? I have been busy this week working on my […]

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Transporting your Fur-ever Friend

By David Loneragan | Dated April 10, 2017

Are you aware of the laws regarding transporting pets in the car or on a motorbike? At Gordon Vet, we certainly see a massive variety of pawsome pets and travelling […]

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Cat Scans and Lab Tests

By David Loneragan | Dated October 6, 2016

When we need an x-ray or ultrasound, we simply head off to the closest imaging or x-ray centre to have our tests. Have you noticed that there are no x-ray […]

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Trust Your Cat to Us While You’re Away on Holiday

By John Morgan | Dated October 4, 2016

Do you worry about your cat while you’re away on holiday? You are not alone. Worrying about a much-loved pet is very common among pet owners. In a recent post […]

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New Puppy Pneumonia

By Dr HELEN BURNS BVSc (Hons) | Dated September 25, 2016

Bordatella, the bacteria responsible for whooping cough in people, has another strain which can cause a nasty pneumonia in dogs, particularly puppies.  Read on to find out more about little […]

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Joey’s Pet of the Week – Rosso and the Rat Bait

By admin | Dated September 14, 2016

Heya gang! How are you all? Well the meagre rations continue even though I’m losing weight. I am officially under 5.2kg, todays weight was 5.12kg,  and I’m not even allowed […]

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Joey’s Pet of the Week – Molly’s Sticky Situation

By admin | Dated August 25, 2016

Helloooo!! How are you all? Wasn’t that a nice drop of rain?!? I’m not a fan of rainy weather. It means I can’t go outside. And of course I WANT […]

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