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Macquarie Park Vet

Your pets aren’t just additional members of your household – they’re part of the family. And that means that they deserve the same level of care you’d expect to give any relative or child! Here at Gordon Vet Hospital, the team is dedicated to helping your furry companions with love and expert care.

Your four-legged friends are in good medical hands with our team of accredited and experienced Macquarie vets – whether it’s an emergency, a routine procedure, or a bit of extra help. Here at Gordon Vet Hospital, we’ll get your family the medical support they need.

Vet Macquarie Park –  Range of Services:

Our Macquarie Vet Clinic has been helping animals across the area since 1971! And we’ve stood the test of time, never losing our dedication to the animals and always keeping our facilities and technology up to date for ultimate success. Our Macquarie vet services cover all your furry needs, including:

Why Choose Gordon Vet Hospital?

  • We prioritise love: Don’t make vet visits a traumatic experience for your little ones. Our Macquarie Park Vet facilities are friendly and stress-free, so we can help your pets in peace.
  • Don’t let busy days get in the way: We do all we can to help your animals, even when you’ve got multiple pets, kids and normal life to deal with – our Mobile Vet is a great option for busy parents!
  • Conveniently located: With veterinary services in close proximity to Macquarie Park, you won’t have to stress about long and difficult car journeys – just get here, get help and get home!
  • Dedicated personalisation: Your pets deserve our undivided attention, so we do our best to keep waiting times to a minimum and provide dedicated, personalised consultations.
  • Macquarie’s experts: Our team of doctors and nurses is fully-accredited and extensively experienced – your little ones are in the best medical hands, with the best of modern technology surrounding them
  • Don’t let costs get in the way: Our services are all offered at comparable rates – including our Mobile Vet services – so that you don’t have to worry about the cost of your pet’s well-being.

The locations we serve:

Macquarie Park is just one of our many serviced areas, with established veterinary centres and mobile team across the North Shore and greater Sydney region. Families in and around these areas can all benefit:

Although these are our common sites, we’ll do what we can to get your pets the help they need – wherever you live!

Get your pets the help they need – today!

Call us on (02) 9498 3000 today to make use of our range of consultations, vaccinations, emergencies, treatments and procedures. Our 24/7 emergency department will be on hand no matter when the trouble hits, and we also have a pet ambulance on call for those rare emergencies.

Whether you’re visiting the area, new to Macquarie Park or simply looking for quality help, get in touch today.

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