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Joey’s Tuesday Tip – Medications and your Pet

By Scott Lackenby | Dated January 13, 2015

Hey gang! How are you all? I seem to say this a lot, but it’s been super busy here at GVH. I’ve been a busy Pymble Vet clinic cat with all of the cat borders in the cattery and the rest of the team have been busy with consults and surgery.

This week, I thought I have a general chat to you about medications for your pet. A visit to the Vet with a sick animal is like you going to see the doctor followed by a trip to the chemist. Not only will the Vet diagnose and prescribe medication, but we will also dispense that medication for your pet. We’re a one stop shop!! The majority of the medications we keep are prescription only medication, which means that it needs to be prescribed and dispensed by a Vet. Just like medications for you. And like your Doctor and Pharmacist, we are bound by the same dispensing laws, which means we have to follow certain rules before we can dispense medications. Just like you can’t walk into a chemist and buy antibiotics without a script, we also can’t give your pet medications without them first having a consultation with a Vet. Of course, there are animals, like some humans, who will be on certain medications for extended periods of time. If you need a repeat prescription on certain medications, providing your pet has seen the Vet within 6months, then we will generally be able to do that. We do ask that if you need a repeat on your pets script that you call us before you come down so that we have time to get it ready for you. There’s a lot that goes into getting a script ready and by calling us in advance, we can have it ready and cut down your waiting time.

We know that having a sick pet can be expensive. We work hard to provide you and your pet with the best possible care for the best price. Unfortunately, there is no Medicare for pets and their medication isn’t covered by the PBS . AND while pet health insurance can help cover the costs, long term illnesses can be expensive. doctor-dogIn a bid to save money, people often turn to Dr Google and home remedies to diagnose and treat their pet. This can often have disastrous consequences for not only your pet but also your bank balance. While there are loads of home remedies out there that work extremely well, it’s important to get the correct diagnosis and the proper treatment plan before you start self medicating your pet. There are also some basic human treatments, like paracetamol, that are highly toxic to animals. By self medicating your pet without a proper diagnosis, you could be turning a simple problem into a big and costly one.

So, if you have any concerns about the health of your pet, be sure to call us for advice. After all, we are the experts!! Well, better go. I have a lot of things to do. Meows for now, love Joey xoxo

Scott Lackenby
Written by Scott Lackenby

Scott joined the team at Gordon Vets in 1999, where he was immediately impressed with the high standard of customer service. Scott is very popular amongst clients for his kind hearted approach to pet care and his great sense of humour. His particular areas of interest are endocrinology and dermatology.

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