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The solution to the hidden talents!

By Helen Burns | Dated March 26, 2018

We had some fantastic guesses to match the hidden talents to the vet or nurse, and some giggles at the impression that we may give regarding our talents ! So, here is the big reveal ……

Sewing is Layne’s hidden talent. She really only started a couple of years ago, but has made us surgical caps with funky animal prints, as well as dresses and bag holders.

Coffee brewing is John’s passion. With 6 different methods of making a cup of coffee at home, he is always buzzing!


Sculpture is what nurse Janie likes to do in her spare time, inspired by her previous life at Taronga Zoo and much time spent caring for wildlife.


With 2 young sons, Angela plays soccer both at home and competitively.


Helen’s teenage children can beat her at most things these days, however not at board games!

Nicole is our resident cake baker and decorator. We all love it when she arrives on a Monday morning with leftovers. Mmmmm

We only just discovered that our ward nurse Olivia is a real artist. We now have her drawing of Joey proudly hanging on the wall in our consulting room.

Scrapbooking is what our receptionist Laura likes to do in her spare time.

And the trickiest of all to guess! Hollie’s family raises deer.

Helen Burns
Written by Helen Burns

Helen graduated from Sydney Uni in 1997 with First Class Honours and worked in a practice on the Northern Beaches for 16 years. Helen joined the Gordon Vet team early in 2014 and our clients have really enjoyed getting to know her. She loves being a vet and takes a keen interest in all of her patients. Her gentle, friendly nature helps pets to feel relaxed when they visit the vet. Helen lives locally and has 3 children. At least one of her children seems destined to be a vet! When not ferrying her children around, Helen cares for her menagerie of pets. These include Chloe the dog, Obi and Leia the cats, Little Cocky the galah and Rosie the very tame eclectus parrot who all happily coexist at her house. In her spare time, Helen likes to be active outdoors, running, kayaking, camping or playing any manner of sport with her children.

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