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Do you have a strong stomach?

By Janie Goodyer | Dated April 4, 2018

Do you have a strong stomach? Because Today we are talking about abscesses.

An abscess is a collection of pus that has built up within the tissue of the body usually caused by a bacterial infection as a result of an injury.

Abscesses are relatively common and the main types we see here at Gordon Vet are from bite wounds and grass seeds that have become lodged under the skin. It is important to drain abscess’ to avoid the infection spreading. If not treated properly, they can form a very large lump which will eventually burst which is not only very painful but can cause the infection to reoccur.

Rocco the friendly boxer had a large abscess on his chin most likely caused by a grass seed. The lump that had formed was very large and felt solid to touch. Rocco was put under a general anaesthetic and Dr Helen made a small incision in the abscess so the pus could drain out. This wound was left open to drain naturally. In some cases a drain may be put in place. This is so that any more pus/infection that builds up inside the area or foreign material such as grass seeds can drain away, reducing the risk of reoccurrence.

To watch a video of the procedure on Rocco, please click the link below, but be warned! It is not for the fain hearted!



Janie Goodyer
Written by Janie Goodyer

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