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Joey’s Tuesday Tip – Pet Insurance

By Scott Lackenby | Dated December 9, 2014

How are you all? I’m hoping we have seen the last of the storms for a while. I need a few days of good sunshine to dry out!

My tip this week is about something that is becoming more common with pet owners. Pet Insurance. And it’s something we recommend for people who are adopting a new pet. Having your pet covered with pet insurance is like having a financial safety net. In most cases you will be able to claim a portion of visits for things like ear infections and skin conditions. You can also claim for surgeries and accidents. In some cases, where there are big bills, such as severe tick paralysis or major surgeries, some insurance companies will pay Vet clinics directly so your out of pocket expenses are minimal. It’s great piece of mind knowing that the decisions you make about your pets treatment options will be based on what is best for them, rather than what’s best for your bank balance.

Like choosing car insurance, there are multiple policies and not one policy will suit everyone. Before choosing a company and policy, it’s important to do some research and read the PHD before signing up. To help out, we’ve compiled a table of some of the most popular companies.


We also have a new policy when it comes to us filling in insurance forms. Once dropped in, we need 2weeks to complete forms. If you need us to include a history or invoice, please tell us when you drop in your form. We are happy to send off forms providing you have completed all of your details and have included a stamped addressed envelope. It can take insurance companies up to 4 weeks to process claims.

I hope this has helped a little. It’s a complicated topic for a little Pymble Vet clinic cat!! Enjoy the rest of the week and I’ll catch you all on Thursday when I’ll be profiling someone who I am having an unashamed bromance with! Meows for now, love Joey xoxotumblr_n5atet1mPi1sji7f2o1_500

Scott Lackenby
Written by Scott Lackenby

Scott joined the team at Gordon Vets in 1999, where he was immediately impressed with the high standard of customer service. Scott is very popular amongst clients for his kind hearted approach to pet care and his great sense of humour. His particular areas of interest are endocrinology and dermatology.

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