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Vaccination (immunisation) is a very important step towards a healthy pet. It protects your pet against some potentially fatal diseases At Gordon Vet Hospital, we routinely vaccinate dogs, cats and rabbits every year.
When your pet comes to Gordon Vet Hospital for a vaccination, they are also given a very thorough physical examination (Health Check). A Regular Health Check for your pet is just as important for their health as pet vaccinations. Dogs, cats and rabbits should be seen at least once every year for a full physical examination and check up.


What diseases are covered in a vaccination?

1) Parvovirus (parvo) – This is one of the most common fatal infectious diseases in dogs, especially puppies. The symptoms come on quite rapidly and include; foul smelling, bloody diarrhoea, vomiting, loss of appetite, depression and severe dehydration. Puppies can also develop serious complications such as severe enteritis (inflammation of the small intestine) which can be fatal.

2) Canine Distemper – This is a contagious and potentially fatal disease that especially affects puppies. It is now rarely seen due to dogs being vaccinated against it. The symptoms are:

a. sneezing, coughing and thick nose and eye discharge, vomiting and diarrhoea, loss of appetite and lethargy
b. severe neurological symptoms such as seizures and paralysis can develop

3) Hepatitis – Infectious Canine Hepatitis (Adenovirus): There are two forms of this virus that can affect dogs.

a. Type 1, causes Infectious Canine Hepatitis (IHC), which can lead to acute liver failure
b. Type 2 can be part of Kennel Cough. The symptoms if IHC include: vomiting, coughing, jaundice, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, weight loss, drinking and urinating more often.

4) Canine Cough – (Canine Tracheitis) is commonly called “Kennel Cough”. It is a contagious respiratory disease in dogs of all ages and is a combination of infectious viral and bacterial agents.

The symptoms are:

a. a dry hacking cough, nasal discharge, loss of appetite and in severe cases, pneumonia.

Puppies that develop Kennel Cough can become quite ill. Kennel Cough is fairly common in adult dogs and can be transmitted in boarding kennels, or even in social interactions between dogs as it is transmitted via air. Dogs that are vaccinated generally have much milder symptoms than unvaccinated dogs. Treatment is with anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and cough suppressants.

When should my puppy be vaccinated?

Vaccinations (Immunisations) are an important means of protecting your puppy against some potentially fatal diseases. For the first few weeks of a puppy’s life, their mother provides them with antibodies through her milk. These antibodies fight disease and give puppies immunity. The maternal antibodies do not last however, so puppies need to be vaccinated to produce their own antibodies. This builds up their own immunity so they can be protected from disease into adulthood. Puppies usually have a course of three vaccinations, normally given 4 weeks apart.
At Gordon Vet Hospital, we find the following schedule to be most effective:

  • 6-8 weeks Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus. This injection is usually given to the puppy by the breeder before you pick them up.
  • 12-14 weeks Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Bordetella and Parainfluenza. This injection is usually the first one that is done by the puppy’s new vet. At Gordon Vet Hospital we vaccinate your puppy and give them a full health check (physical examination) to make sure they are healthy. We also discuss lots of other concerns you may have as a new pet owner (see Below in Health Checks)
  • 16-18 weeks Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Bordetella and Parainfluenza. This is the final puppy vaccination. Puppies should be isolated from dogs of unknown vaccination / health status until after their final puppy vaccination. This means that they should not be mixing with dogs that may not be vaccinated. Yearly boosters are needed for life to maintain your puppy’s protection. Your vet will send you a reminder each year when your dog is due for the next vaccine booster.
  • NB: If your puppy is older when you acquire it, a vaccination schedule is commenced anytime during puppy or adult hood.
  • Puppy Health Check: When your puppy has its vaccinations at Gordon Vet Hospital, we will do a full health check and physical examination. We will also discuss with you other important ways to keep him or her safe and healthy. These include:

a. Heartworm and Intestinal worming
b. Flea and tick prevention
c. Puppy training / toilet training / general behaviour
d. Diet
e. Microchipping

What happens when my pet is an adult?
Annual Vaccination & Health Check

After the 3rd puppy or kitten vaccination, the next vaccination is due 12 months later and then every year after that. At Gordon Vet Hospital we send you a reminder of when this vaccination is due.

The consultation includes a full physical examination and check up. Regular Health Checks for your dog and cat are just as important for your pet’s health as vaccinations. Even though your pet may be in perfect health, regular check ups ensure your pet has continued health and longevity. It is the ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach! Quite a lot of information about your pet can be uncovered during their health check. For example, early warning signs of serious problems can be noticed. When detected early, many problems can be prevented or delayed. As they get older or develop a special medical condition, the check up should be at least every 6 months.

At Gordon Vet Hospital we will provide your pet with a comprehensive ‘nose-to tail’ examination. During your visit, one of our vets will look at and discuss:

  • Weight (this is recorded at every visit so that we can see whether your pet’s weight is steady)
  • Skin and coat (general condition and lumps and bumps)
  • Ears (looking for signs of infection)
  • Eyes (general exam, discuss anything owner has observed)
  • Dental Examination (looking for signs of dental disease, bad breath)
  • Heart /Lungs (using a stethoscope)
  • Musculoskeletal exam (muscle and bones)
  • Abdominal palpation (feel their abdomen)
  • Parasite control
    • Internal Parasites (check that your pet is on suitable heartworm and intestinal worm prevention)
    • External Parasites (check that your pet is on suitable flea and tick prevention)

In between the annual check up there are some basic things you need to do to make sure your cat or dog stays as healthy as possible.

  • Feed a good quality, nutritious diet (e.g. Hill’s Science Diet)
  • Pet Dental care
  • Weight control (a regular diet and exercise)
  • Maintain proper parasitic control (Internal and External)
  • Keep a close eye on your pet’s general wellbeing (observing any change in behaviour such as not eating, lethargy etc)
  • Seek veterinary advice as soon as you notice changes in your pet


What diseases are covered in a vaccination?

1) Feline Upper Respiratory Tract Infection or “cat flu” – Cat flu is by far the most common vaccinated disease we see today.
Symptoms include: sneezing, nasal discharge, conjunctivitis, fever and loss of appetite. In severe cases, mouth and eye ulcers are seen. The disease can be fatal in some cases, particularly in susceptible cats such as the very young, the very old or immunosuppressed cats.

Cat flu symptoms are usually caused by infection with one or both of the cat flu viruses – Feline herpes virus and Feline calicivirus.

Feline herpes virus can cause life-threatening illness and although the majority of cats infected make a full recovery, they are often left with permanent effects of the disease, such as the “snuffles” or chronic eye infections. Sometimes cats become carriers for life and the disease represents itself in times of stress (for example visiting the cattery or when the cat is unwell). During these times, the carriers are highly contagious to other cats that are not vaccinated.

Feline calicivirus can cause painful mouth ulcers which make it difficult for the cat to eat. The ulcers can occur in the mouth, hard palate or on the nose.

2) Feline Enteritis (Feline Parvovirus) and has a very high mortality rate, particularly in unvaccinated kittens. Affected kittens become sick very quickly, with severe vomiting and bloody diarrhoea. Feline enteritis is far better prevented by vaccination than treated.

3) Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) causes severe weakening of the immune system, leaving the cat vulnerable to a wide variety of other diseases and infections. Infection between cats relies on close contact e.g. cat fights. The virus is transmitted in saliva and so can even be transmitted by grooming or sharing food bowls. Cats usually remain infected for life, leading to chronic disease and a progressive deterioration in health over time.

4) Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) or Feline AIDS causes weakening of the immune system also. This vaccine is optional for outdoor cats that are risk of contracting Feline AIDS.

When should my kitten be vaccinated?

Vaccinations are a means of protecting your kitten against potentially fatal viral diseases of cats.
At Gordon Vet Hospital we find the following schedule to be the most effective:

  • 6-8 weeks Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu (F3)
  • 12 weeks Feline Enteritis, Cat Flu, Leukaemia (F4)
  • 16 weeks Feline Enteritis, Cat Flu, Leukaemia (F4)

Annual vaccinations are continued for life. A reminder will be sent to you each year.

What if I want to board my dog or cat?

Vaccinations for your dog or cat must be up to date (i.e. have been done within the last year) for your pet to be allowed into a boarding facility.

Some dog boarding kennels require the “kennel cough” (Canine Cough) component of the vaccine (Bordetella and Para influenza) be administered directly into the respiratory tract via an intranasal vaccine called Bronchi shield. We usually administer this component in an injectable formulation in the 5-in-1 vaccine, as it is much easier to administer that way and most kennels will accept regular C5 vaccines. Please check with your boarding kennel prior to coming in for vaccination as to which route of administration they prefer.

Please give us a call at Gordon Vet Hospital and we can explain it if you are unsure.

What if I want to take my dog or cat overseas?

Additional vaccines may be required if you are taking your dog or cat overseas.
Please contact us at Gordon Vet on 9498 3000 and speak with one of our quarantine vets (DAFF Accredited) for further information.
Our DAFF Accredited Vets are: Dr Scott Lackenby and Dr David Loneragan


Does my rabbit need a vaccination?

Rabbits require a vaccination every 10 months against calicivirus. Also known as Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease, calicivirus is associated with a very high mortality rate, with affected rabbits showing signs of severe diarrhea, bloating and fever. Multiple organ failure can occur due to haemorrhage. It is also highly contagious, spreading easily through particles in the air or via insects such as mosquitoes.

At what age does my rabbit need a vaccination?

Rabbits should be vaccinated between 10-12 weeks of age, then a booster given every 10 months after that for life. This also includes an annual health check, which is extremely important to ensure your rabbit remains healthy.

What about myxomatosis?

Unfortunately, we still see many cases of myxomatosis. There is no vaccine against myxomatosis available in Australia due to government regulations. Myxomatosis is a debilitating, painful disease where rabbits develop swollen eyes, genitalia and ears and severe breathing problems. The mortality rate is almost 100% but unfortunately many rabbits carry the disease for a long time and suffer before they die. Mosquito nets should be put over the hutch at night to help avoid contracting these diseases.


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Robyn King
Robyn King
02:57 04 Feb 21
My family and I have lived in the area for over 30 years and we have never been to any other practice. The care and compassion the vets have shown towards our babies has always been of the highest standard. I would particularly like to thank Dr Coggins for the care and compassion she has shown towards me in recent months with Salem (who unfortunately was PTS this past Sunday) and also with Lilah. This practice has a real gem in her!
Hana Yoon
Hana Yoon
08:43 14 Jan 21
I’ve been taking my dog to this vet for 7 years and they’ve always been so kind, professional and empathetic. They’ve always been able to fit him in, even in emergency situations so I’m very grateful!
Colin Pannell
Colin Pannell
23:26 07 Dec 20
Well it's never nice to have to take your beloved pet(s) to the vets but sometimes you just have to. Gordon Vets are similarly priced to others in this locale but they are well organised, off street parking and the vets are compassionate about the care of animals. Even separate entrances for dogs and cats ! See attached photo. Educated, literate cats queue up outside (ir's actually the practice's resident cat).
John Hannelly
John Hannelly
03:04 09 Nov 20
David and all the staff are wonderful, caring people who really look after your loved pets in a very professional manner.
Chris Chappel
Chris Chappel
00:54 31 Oct 20
Extremely happy with Imogen and the team. I had lost ALL faith in vets after going to GreenCross. Thankfully Gordon Vet Hospital surpassed all our hopes and expectations. Imogen was incredibly caring, clinically competent and finally solved the issue our cat had. The vet nurses and reception team seemed genuinely happy and were super friendly each time we’ve returned. Follow up care after the surgery for our cat was like night and day compared to what we’d been through at our old vet. Unlike at GreenCross where the final price always ended up being at the top of the quoted range, at Gordon Vet Hospital the quote was far more reasonable and the price ended up at the lower end of the estimate. Highly recommended this vet.
Lisa Elliott
Lisa Elliott
06:17 20 Oct 20
I can't rate Gordon Vet Hospital any higher. I took my 11yr old staffy in for surgery with the beautiful Imogene Ewen (amazing surgeon) and was managed by incredibly professional front office staff (Maddie). My dog, Coco was in the best of hands. The after care service is detailed and their love of animals is so very clear to all who enter. Exceptional service for the North Shore.
Jonathan Summers
Jonathan Summers
09:51 09 Oct 20
We love these guys. We have 3 cats and they are all well looked after.
jo kleoudis
jo kleoudis
22:08 04 Oct 20
Best vets and nursing staff. Great advice. Convenient and always easy to book.
Roopam Ghosh
Roopam Ghosh
10:49 25 Sep 20
Great service and very prompt with appointments. Lovely staff
Michelle Keir
Michelle Keir
08:30 01 Sep 20
Great service my dog loves going there! The staff are very caring and the vets very knowledgeable and do not over service.
Ayanthi Gooneratne
Ayanthi Gooneratne
06:22 24 Aug 20
The Vets are fantastic and so are the support staff. My dogs have been with Gorden Vets for over 10 years.
Steve Walker
Steve Walker
11:33 11 Aug 20
Helen was great. Took great care of our dog.
Eve Barratt
Eve Barratt
01:17 04 Aug 20
I took our little girl Coco for her very first vet visit yesterday. Dr Helen gave Coco a thoroughly check-up and provided me with useful information as the first time puppy owner. Coco is now enrolled in the puppy school and will return back for her 2nd vaccine in a couple of week!
Claire Turner
Claire Turner
05:21 19 Jul 20
Care & attention for your furry friends second to none.
02:50 09 Jul 20
Dr David and the team have provided real care, support and expertise for our furry family members over 25 years. They've also readily taken in injured wildlife. A great team of Vets and nurses - thanks for all you do!
Jayna Hirani
Jayna Hirani
03:43 09 Apr 20
Quality care and advice at every visit. The staff are friendly and informative and genuinely care about your pets. I am 100% confident that my cat and dog always receive the best pet healthcare and as pet parents that's all we want.
Marianne Broeng
Marianne Broeng
23:23 28 Jan 20
Gordon Vet has looked after my golden retriever since she was 9 weeks. Everyone has been amazing and caring with lots of experience. I have been able to ask any questions and always been welcome. Even one day when she stepped on a bee in the evening, they stayed open until we got there and helped her get it out. Thanks to all the staff :-)
Lizzie Wei
Lizzie Wei
00:56 18 Jan 20
We just moved to Gordon couple month ago and need to get my cat vaccinated. We found this hospital through google and I need to say they provide excellent service and very professional! The doctor really knows cat. Highly recommended!
Lara Bisley
Lara Bisley
08:15 27 Nov 19
Exceptional veterinary hospital. I have been taking my dog here for many years and although I now live in the Eastern Suburbs, I still drive across town to see the Vets at Gordon. The staff are highly skilled, compassionate, friendly and helpful. My 9 year old dog has had 2 knee operations (1 on each knee!) and the outcome of these surgeries far exceeded my expectations. I have been incredibly impressed with the care provided during all of our visits. I would highly recommend Gordon Vet Hospital.
Eugenie Goodyer
Eugenie Goodyer
23:22 21 Oct 19
Very friendly staff. Wonderful care for all our animals A++
Jennie Keogh
Jennie Keogh
06:36 21 Oct 19
Fantastic and friendly staff who you can tell really care about your pet. Their follow up service is also very reassuring. I also board my cat with Gordon Vet and I feel very comfortable to know he's in safe and caring hands. I'm so glad I found this clinic.
Newsha Amiri
Newsha Amiri
20:24 03 Oct 19
We took our dog there and Dr. David take care of his skin issues. he was so caring and professional.
Luxe Sydney Mum
Luxe Sydney Mum
06:37 02 Sep 19
Compassionate, caring and highly skilled veterinary surgeons who treat their patients and owners with respect. The nursing and administration staff are efficient and remember their patients by name which is a lovely touch. A lovely vet practice which despite our Golden Retriever Finn’s complex medical history, is always welcoming to him and he never displays any signs of anxiety when attending. Dr Helen is lovely and a firm favourite of ours!
Lihong Xing
Lihong Xing
05:00 05 Nov 18
Highly recommend Dr David, Scott, Helen, and Catherine, I've taken my cat to see all the doctors here.
Jeremy Tarbox
Jeremy Tarbox
22:55 10 Sep 18
We found a stray, agitated dog in front of our house last night. We phoned but got no help from the Council ranger who gave two options: tie him up in front yard overnight or "let him loose, he'll find his own way home" :( So we phoned Gordon Vet: they stayed open a few minutes so we could run him up and he could have a bed and dinner. Thank you Gordon Vet Hospital, hope he gets home soon!!! :)
Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
01:52 04 Sep 18
Really amazing staff members. Their systems and processes are also very
Gerry Stevens
Gerry Stevens
11:01 14 Jul 18
Good competant vet. Did what I needed. Staff friendly. Cat's well.
Arezu A
Arezu A
03:20 15 Feb 18
Absolutely love the service here. I switched from other Vets to this Vet as the staff here are quite attentive and really care about your furry baby! I have basically seen most of the Dr's here and all of them so far have been fantastic, friendly and fun to speak with! Easy to locate and enough parking available! 5 Stars indeed!
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