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Joey’s Pet of the Week – Nasty Nicotine

By David Loneragan | Dated April 30, 2015

Hey gang!! How are you all? Looks like we are heading for more wet and yukky weather. I know I spoke about it recently, but be sure to make sure that your animals are safe when the weather turns nasty. Not many sleeps until Mother’s Day. I don’t know my real Mum but I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by a team of surrogate Mum’s. To celebrate all the amazing Mums out there, we are going to be running a super competition. Tune in next week for the details!!

My star this week is the handsome Fred, an 8month old Staffy. Fred came in to see Dr Genevieve Zhang after he ate a packet of nicotine chewing gum. Now, we all know that smoking is bad for you, but unfortunately for Fred, eating nicotine chewing gum isn’t a healthy alternative! Aside from that much nicotine potentially being an issue for him, Dr Gen was also worried about the artificial sweetener that is in the chewing gum. You may remember the post we did about some artifical sweeteners being toxic to dogs. Fred was feeling pretty sick when he came in and Dr Gen decided that the best approach was to induce vomiting so Fred could get as much of the chewing gum out of his system. Fred’s Dad told Dr Gen that Fred is a bit of a cheeky scavenger, and this made sense when he vomited up not only chewing gum and the foil packet, but also some cloth material as well!! Once Fred had finished vomiting, Dr Gen fed him a charcoal mixture to soak up any of the remaining toxins and also an anti-nausea injection to help him feel better. Fred went home later the same day, not looking terribly remorseful!

Well, it’s short and sweet today, but I’m a very busy Pymble Vet clinic cat and I have important sleeping, I mean jobs to do! Don’t forget to tune in next week for the amazing Mother’s Day competition. Meows for now, love Joey xxxFred

Dr Gen checking Fred over before inducing vomiting

Dr Gen checking Fred over before inducing vomiting

Fred's chewing gum and cloth filled vomit!

Fred’s chewing gum and cloth filled vomit!

David Loneragan
Written by David Loneragan

David grew up and still lives locally and has worked at Gordon Vet since 1985. His love of animals and interest in all things veterinary started when he was a young boy spending time with his own pets and working on a country farm. David’s post-graduate studies have been in the fields of medical problems of dogs and cats and diagnostic ultrasound and radiology. In addition, he is interested in dermatology, cardiology and ophthalmology.

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