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HarnessDAFF/ Pet Export

Moving your pet out of Australia is not always easy! Every country has their own specific requirements for animals entering the country and it is vital to be prepared from this end as there are many hurdles to jump – transport, specific vaccinations, medical examinations, parasite control, laboratory tests, regulatory requirements and more.

It is essential to organise yourself properly and find out exactly what is required to ensure there are no issues at the destination.

Our animal travel doctors, also known as quarantine vets (trained and accredited through DAFF) include Dr Scott Lackenby and Dr David Loneragan. They are available to help make the move as smooth as possible. Seeking advice early may avoid your pet spending excessive time in quarantine at your destination, which may be distressing for your pet.

It is best to contact one of our DAFF (formerly AQIS) vets to discuss what is involved, so please phone us on (02) 9498 3000 to find out further information. Not the least concern of course is how your much loved pet will cope with the travel. We can also give you travel advice and recommend a pet travel company to help get your pet safely onto the plane.

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