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Joey Wins the Photojournalism Prize!

By David Loneragan | Dated August 4, 2017

Sadly, Joey did not win clinic cat of the year. His race to the top was thwarted by his arch nemesis – Norman from Toowong Family Vet, Queensland. He is […]

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Dental Month at Gordon Vet Hospital

By John Morgan | Dated August 4, 2017

Watch the video below to learn all about how we care for teeth at Gordon Vet Hospital. It’s Dental Month at Gordon Vet Hospital! Dental health is often overlooked but […]

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Our Pet of the week this week is Lillee, the Manx cross

By John Morgan | Dated July 12, 2017

Lillee (named after the legendary Australian cricketer Dennis Lillee) is a 15 year old Manx cross who was diagnosed with Diabetes mellitus in 2014. Diabetes mellitus is the inability to […]

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EXCLUSIVE! Nurse Hollie’s new baby Joy!

By John Morgan | Dated July 4, 2017

Nurse Hollie has welcomed a new member of the family into her home. Spike is a ‘Joey look-a-like’ stray kitten bought into Gordon Vet by a concerned member of the […]

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Animals get stressed too!

By Sam Lackenby | Dated June 29, 2017

Recent studies have shown that up to 25-30% of animals that visit a Vet Hospital can have anxiety. To try and explain, it is important to look at the definitions […]

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Our Pet of the Week this week is Sarah, the very courageous Cat

By John Morgan | Dated June 13, 2017

Please be advised that at the end of this article, there is an image of surgery being performed than may disturb some readers. Sarah, who some of you might remember […]

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Chocolate Toxicity in Pets and Easter Hours

By Sam Lackenby | Dated April 11, 2017

Please be advised of our Easter Long weekend hours in case of any chocolate related (or general) emergencies: 14th April (Good Friday): 10am to 2pm 15th April: 7:30am to 5pm […]

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Transporting your Fur-ever Friend

By David Loneragan | Dated April 10, 2017

Are you aware of the laws regarding transporting pets in the car or on a motorbike? At Gordon Vet, we certainly see a massive variety of pawsome pets and travelling […]

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Can you pick the breed?

By Dr HELEN BURNS BVSc (Hons) | Dated November 25, 2016

These gorgeous pets have all been shaved at Gordon Vet as part of tick searching and treatment for tick paralysis. When you are searching for a critter that may only […]

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Santa Paws Photos 2016!

By Sam Lackenby | Dated November 25, 2016

We’re very excited to announce that Santa will be making a special visit to Gordon Vet Hospital on Saturday the 3rd of December. He is looking forward to hearing Christmas […]

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