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How good is your animal knowldege?

By Helen Burns | Dated April 30, 2018

How good is your animal knowledge? Test yourself on our animal trivia quiz below !
No waiting for answers this time. You’ll find them below.

1. Bees are found on every continent except for one. Which one?

2. What is the Portuguese Man o’ War?

3. Is it ok to house a rabbit and a guinea pig together?

Should a bunny be housed with a guinea pig?

4. Is a dolphin a mammal or a fish?

5. What is a male guinea pig called ( boar, buck, sow, doe) ?

6. What animal does mohair come from?

image courtesy of Wikipedia

7. Name the 2 mammals that lay eggs.

8. Guinea pigs do not produce their own vitamin A, B, C or D ?

9. A murder of ….. ?

10. What bird has the largest wingspan?

1. Antarctica
2. It is commonly known as a blue bottle, and is a colony of 4 types of individuals who are highly modified and depend on each other for survival.

3.No, a rabbit and guinea pig should not be housed together. Rabbits can carry a bacterium called Bordatella, which can cause respiratory disease in guinea pigs.
4. A dolphin is a mammal. Dolphin calves are not surprisingly, born in the water, tail first, after a 12 month pregnancy.
5. Boar.
6. It comes from an Angora goat. (As opposed to Angora wool which comes from the Angora rabbit). Most mohair is produced in Southern Africa.

7. The platypus and echidna are monotremes, and are the only living mammals that lay eggs.

8. Just like humans, guinea pigs do not produce their own vitamin C. If they do not have a source of Vitamin C in their diet, they may develop scurvy.
9. Crows
10. The Wandering Albatross has a wingspan of 2.5-3.5 metres. They spend most of their life in flight, only landing to feed and reproduce.

Helen Burns
Written by Helen Burns

Helen graduated from Sydney Uni in 1997 with First Class Honours and worked in a practice on the Northern Beaches for 16 years. Helen joined the Gordon Vet team early in 2014 and our clients have really enjoyed getting to know her. She loves being a vet and takes a keen interest in all of her patients. Her gentle, friendly nature helps pets to feel relaxed when they visit the vet. Helen lives locally and has 3 children. At least one of her children seems destined to be a vet! When not ferrying her children around, Helen cares for her menagerie of pets. These include Chloe the dog, Obi and Leia the cats, Little Cocky the galah and Rosie the very tame eclectus parrot who all happily coexist at her house. In her spare time, Helen likes to be active outdoors, running, kayaking, camping or playing any manner of sport with her children.

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