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August is Pet Dental Care Month

By Helen Burns | Dated July 31, 2019

Smile! Gordon Vet’s got it covered

Throughout the month of August, Gordon Vet Hospital will be joining the Australian Veterinary Association’s initiative, promoting Pet Dental Health Month.

Four out of five dogs and cats over the age of three years have some sort of dental disease which may go unnoticed by their owners. That’s right, 80% of dogs and cats have dental disease! This isn’t really surprising, because we all know that at home it can be difficult to examine your pet’s teeth, especially the big molars at the back. Let alone keep them clean and healthy. Now we’re not fussing about having the perfect smile. Our aim is to keep your pet in great health, and having a clean healthy mouth is an important part of that.

Dogs and cats can be stoic creatures, and often won’t show pain. Even pets with sore gums, an infected mouth and broken teeth will continue to eat. Their survival instinct is extremely strong.

So how can you tell if your dog or cat has dental disease?

A good clue is your pet’s breath, which should not smell unpleasant. Bad breath is a sign of bacterial infection, usually indicating gingivitis with red, inflamed gums and teeth stained with tartar. Sometimes pets will rub their face, drop food or shy away from eating hard food. Not only is it important to keep your pet’s mouth free from pain, we also need to ensure that the bacteria from dental infections do not spread to their heart, liver and kidneys through the blood stream.

Every year when your pet comes in to see us for their annual health check and vaccination, we examine their teeth and gums to assess their health. Now that equates to visiting the dentist once every seven years, so it’s not really surprising that we often note dental disease.

At Gordon Vet, for Pet Dental Health Month we are offering free dental health checks in August. So, don’t leave your pet’s teeth unchecked, phone to make an appointment for one of our vets to give them a free dental check up.

Written by Helen Burns

Helen graduated from Sydney Uni in 1997 with First Class Honours and worked in a practice on the Northern Beaches for 16 years. Helen joined the Gordon Vet team early in 2014 and our clients have really enjoyed getting to know her. She loves being a vet and takes a keen interest in all of her patients. Her gentle, friendly nature helps pets to feel relaxed when they visit the vet. Helen lives locally and has 3 children. At least one of her children seems destined to be a vet! When not ferrying her children around, Helen cares for her menagerie of pets. These include Chloe the dog, Obi and Leia the cats, Little Cocky the galah and Rosie the very tame eclectus parrot who all happily coexist at her house. In her spare time, Helen likes to be active outdoors, running, kayaking, camping or playing any manner of sport with her children.


  • Avatar Suzanne and Caitlin Flannery | Sunday August 18th, 2019 | Reply

    Thank you Helen for the dental Health check on Roxy our brindle prug. We will endeavour to keep the plaque at bay with the recommended preventative diet and cleaning. See you again on her next health check in 6 months.

    • Avatar admin | Monday August 19th, 2019 | Reply

      Hi Suzanne and Caitlin, Thank you so much for your message. It was so lovely to meet the gorgeous Roxy. We look forward to seeing you in 6 months time!
      Warm regards, Helen

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Lihong Xing
Lihong Xing
05:00 05 Nov 18
Highly recommend Dr David, Scott, Helen, and Catherine, I've taken my cat to see all the doctors here.
Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
01:52 04 Sep 18
Really amazing staff members. Their systems and processes are also very
Arezu A
Arezu A
03:20 15 Feb 18
Absolutely love the service here. I switched from other Vets to this Vet as the staff here are quite attentive and really care about your furry baby! I have basically seen most of the Dr's here and all of them so far have been fantastic, friendly and fun to speak with! Easy to locate and enough parking available! 5 Stars indeed!
Gerry Stevens
Gerry Stevens
11:01 14 Jul 18
Good competant vet. Did what I needed. Staff friendly. Cat's well.
Jeremy Tarbox
Jeremy Tarbox
22:55 10 Sep 18
We found a stray, agitated dog in front of our house last night. We phoned but got no help from the Council ranger who gave two options: tie him up in front yard overnight or "let him loose, he'll find his own way home" :( So we phoned Gordon Vet: they stayed open a few minutes so we could run him up and he could have a bed and dinner. Thank you Gordon Vet Hospital, hope he gets home soon!!! :)
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