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Coping with a Flea Outbreak!

By admin | Dated August 3, 2014

Fleas are a year round problem in the Gordon and Pymble area, although they most often become a problem in summer. This is because fleas thrive in warm conditions.

The most common mistake pet owners make is becoming complacent with flea preventatives in the cooler months. This used to be regular practice, however now our homes are heated and comfortable all year long, fleas are enjoying this environment too, and continuing to breed and infest our pets outside of the summer months! Fleas can also lie dormant in the environment until conditions become ideal, meaning maintaining a good flea preventative routine is vital!

Fleas can live on your pet for up to 140 days, taking in 15 times their weight in blood meals. After each feed, females will lay up to 50 eggs 24-36 hours later! Eggs are then shed off your pet’s coat, into the environment, including onto floors, lounges and beds!

As well as being very itchy and irritating to pets, fleas can also cause Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD), which is an allergic skin reaction, spread tapeworm eggs into the pet’s bloodstream and in cases of heavy burdens, can cause anaemia.

Gordon Vets have made it easy for you to overcome a flea infestation on your pet and in your home by compiling this fact sheet on how to cope with a flea outbreak.

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Written by admin

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