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Taming an Over-Excited Puppy!

By chris | Dated April 30, 2013

 is a very sweet and gentle dog…but very excitable. If there was a dog equivalent of ADD,  would be there. Her energy and  overflow and she can be quite trying for the other dogs and the rest of the family.

Training has not been effective (Lily’s owners are sensible, experienced ). Time has not settled her yet.

She is a handful. So much so that her owners were not enjoying her company.

Things had to change or Lily might be rehomed.

After speaking with Dr Chris, Lily was given a new drug called . This is similar to , though tested, made safe and optimised for dogs.

Although the results were not immediate Reconcile has made a huge difference to Lily. In her owners words, “She is still herself, still fun, just a little more calm.” Her owners have been delighted with her progress.

Written by chris

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