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Spring Has Sprung!!

By admin | Dated September 3, 2013

We aren’t the only ones who are making the most of this gorgeous warm weather, we have started to see an increase in the number of Paralysis Tick cases. While we traditionally see a decrease in tick numbers during the cooler months, giving pet owners a much needed break from these nasty little guys, with winters being milder, we have still had cases of Tick paralysis through winter.

So what does this mean for pet owners in the Ku-Ring-Gai area? We now recommend using tick prevention all year round. For dogs, this means applying Advantix fortnightly and for cats with Frontline top-spot every fortnight or Frontline spray every 3weeks. It is important to remember that no product is 100% effective, so daily tick searches are a must.

Paralysis ticks are found in long grass or scrub with their natural hosts being possums and bandicoots, which we have in large numbers in the Ku-Ring-Gai area. The ticks tend to attach to the head and neck area of our pets, but they can be found anywhere on the body. When they are feeding, the tick released a toxin that if left untreated, is fatal to dogs and cats. Many pets pick up ticks without leaving their own yard!

If you find a tick on your pet or they are showing signs of tick paralysis, call us immediately for advice. The sooner treatment is initiated, the better the chance of survival. We have put together a greate-book called “Surviving Tick Paralysis – a guide to managing ticks in the Ku-Ring-Gai area”. If you would like a free copy, please call us on 9498 3000.tick

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