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Save Yourself! A Guide to Aggression in Dogs and Cats

By chris | Dated April 30, 2013

Aggressive animals are a real problem for your family and our society. Nobody wants their family or pets to be involved in these tragic, sometimes fatal, situations. Animal aggression manifests itself in many different situations; here are just a few examples:

  • The gentle family dog that is growling at a child, exerting its dominance in what can become a tragic (and avoidable) event.
  • The otherwise happy dog that starts to bark and bite at the park, resulting in traumatic (and expensive) dog sights.
  • The cat that is scared of visitors and swipes or bites at the unsuspecting child that comes to pat it.
  • The old pet that is in much more pain than we realise, causing it to bite or growl defensively when someone comes near. We often shrug this one off as saying our pet is getting old and grumpy.

Download this free guide to aggression in your pet. The advice and techniques can make a huge difference to your and your pets’s quality of life.

Written by chris

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