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Our New Puppy

By David Loneragan | Dated April 30, 2013

We finally have named our new puppy. After protracted negotiations we came up with “Ruby” as her name which seems to suit her well. She has been a dream puppy so far. She sleeps well through the night in the pen we have for her. The ADAPTIL diffuser we are using in her night room seems to help her sleep contentedly. During the day she has a bed in another pen in our family room which she is in whenever she is not running around playing with one of the family. Our plan is to remove the pen and have her sitting on her bed when she is inside the house and not playing or interacting with us. Training a pup to use it’s bed for lying on during the day means it is less likely to wander around the house chewing shoes, furniture etc. We make sure “Ruby” has plenty of exercise when she is awake but only in short bursts. When she is tired we leave her to rest on her bed. Toilet training has been 100% successful so far as we take her out on the lawn as frequently as we can and praise her when she has toileted. She is sleeping through the night without soiling now which is good for a puppy. Once she has her 12 week injections we will start  here at Gordon Vets and socialise her on short walks. We will build her confidence up gradually by closely monitoring her meetings with other dogs. A bad experience at this age can be a lifelong unhappy memory for some pups. The kids are looking forward to  with Maureen Bishop at the hospital as they are keen to get “Ruby” plenty of playtime with other little friends.

David Loneragan
Written by David Loneragan

David grew up and still lives locally and has worked at Gordon Vet since 1985. His love of animals and interest in all things veterinary started when he was a young boy spending time with his own pets and working on a country farm. David’s post-graduate studies have been in the fields of medical problems of dogs and cats and diagnostic ultrasound and radiology. In addition, he is interested in dermatology, cardiology and ophthalmology.

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