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New Arthritis Treatment – Pippy Gets Some Relief

By chris | Dated April 30, 2013

Pippy has been suffering from  in her wrist . This has been getting more and more painful and she has been struggling, despite being on Tramal, Gabapentin, Sashas Blend and Metacam. Lots of !

Her owner was asking if anything else was possible. Surgery was not something she wanted to do as Pippy was getting old. We had tried just about all the different types of medicines.

We decided to take a different angle and ordered some supportive, warming bandages for her wrists. These carpal  are imported from the US and came with some good reviews. After an easy measure up, we ordered the bandages in. They were wetsuit material with  strapping, so very durable and easy to wash.

Pippy was happy to wear the bandages and they did not seem to get in her way at all. She did not even think about trying to rip them off. After a few days of wearing these bandages during the day, Pippy seemed more mobile and happier. She seemed to be asking her owner for them to be put on.

We will keep you posted with Pippy but the  and support seem to help her, especially as the weather cools down.

Written by chris

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