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Local Ku-Ring-Gai Vet John Morgan Warns of Ticks In Winter

By admin | Dated July 11, 2013

Dr John Morgan, a local Ku-Ring-Gai veterinarian working at Gordon vets, has warned of the dangers of tick paralysis in winter.

Ticks are normally a spring and summer problem – their growth tied in with the warm, wet weather. This means winter is normally free of ticks … but not so this year. “This winter has been worse than normal – we have had some really sick dogs coming in with tick paralysis” says Dr Morgan.

Dr Morgan advises that pet owners resume the normal ‘tick season’ precautions. These are the precautions they would take later in the year – daily tick searches, as well as Advantix (for dogs) or Frontline (for cats) on a fortnightly basis.

For more information you can download our ebook on tick paralysis and call Gordon Vets on 9498 3000 if you are at all concerned about your pet.

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