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Joey’s Pet of the Week

By admin | Dated September 5, 2013

Hey everyone!! A slightly different way for you to read my weekly updates now. Not only will I be on Facebook, but I will be on the website as well!! I feel pretty privileged to be able to contribute to the website content each week, they must really appreciate the work I do each week for Pet of the Week!! I will be limited on the amount of words I can use for the website, so I may have to split my posts from time to time. But that’s ok, you may just get an extra day of reading about me!! I can also only put up one picture with the post, but I’ll be sure to post the rest seperately.

Its’ been another busy week at GVH. We’ve had a lot of surgery, which means there is always something happening out the back to keep me occupied. We’ve had quite a few animals in that have been lucky enough to be having cooked chicken for dinner. Unfortunately for them, if they are in a bottom cage, I have learnt that with a small amount of effort I can steal the chicken from right under their noses! This week was I was also due for my 3weekly Frontline spray AND my 3monthly intestinal worm tablet. I really hate being sprayed with Frontline, but the ticks are out and about, and I’ve seen how sick animals get with that, so I will keep up with the spray until the ticks are less of an issue. If you haven’t started your 4legged friend on their tick prevention or are unsure on what to use, be sure to give the Nurses a call to discuss the best option for you.

My new scratching thingy is looking a little worse for wear. It gets a good work out most days. I am still convinced that I can fit my WHOLE body through the small hole on the side….

This Sunday we will be heading to Gordon Community Preschool with a stall at the annual fete. If you are in the area between 10am-2pm, you should pop in and say hi. I won’t be there, apparently they don’t trust me to be out and about that far from home..
I was going to talk about a great little Ragdoll we had in to be speyed, Pearl, who I was in love with. We had some great pictures of the two of us having a play, but unfortunatley they got deleted. Nurse Amy thought Nurse Layne had uploaded them and Nurse Layne thought Nurse Amy had uploaded them. You’ll just have to believe me when I tell you they were awesome pictures! I didn’t organise a back up Pet of the Week, but I promise I will have one for you next week.

Be sure to check out the rest of the website after you finish reading my post. You can check out the staff bios, including mine!
Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll chat to you all again soon. Meows for now, love from Joey xxx

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