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Joey’s Pet of the Week

By admin | Dated October 3, 2013

Hey hey!! What happened to the sunshine today?!? I was having a lovely time outside and then I heard the thunder and it started raining and we even got some hail! You all know how I feel about rainy weather, so you can imagine the mood I’m in today!! I’ve finally given up on trying to go outside so as soon as I finish this I’m going to curl up on my chair for a nap and hope the weather has improved when I wake up.

Nurse Layne and Practise Manager Ange went up to have a look at my professional pictures at Uber Photography yesterday, and not surprisingly, they turned out AMAZING!! Hopefully we will have the framed pictures next week. I’ll let you know when they are here so you can all come in check them out. Did you call see Dr Scott in the North Shore Times again? If he keeps this up, he’ll be almost as famous as me!

It’s been a big week of paralysis ticks here at GVH. Unfortunately we had a gorgeous little Spoodle die on Saturday. His parents were unaware of what tick symptoms to look out for, so it he was too badly affected by the time he came to us. If you notice that your 4legged friend is off his/her food, is vomiting, has a change to his/her bark or meow, seems unsteady or wobbly on his or her legs, or seems in any other way unwell to you, we need to see them. If it is a tick, the sooner we start treatment, the better the chance of their survival. If you haven’t already stated on our tick prevention, now is definately the time to start!

Aside from being busy with the ticks, we have also been busy with boarding animals. I love having lots of boarders, it means there are lots of kitty cats for me to talk to! This week, I thought I would introduce you you to a few of my faves. Firstly, we have handsome Kasper, an almost 16year old Tonkinese. On top of being a senior man, Kasper is also a diabetic which means he needs to have insulin injections twice a day. Kasper loves cuddles and is a champion at having his injections. Next we have Jingles, an almost 7year old moggy. Jingles is super affectionate and has a lovely singing voice! Next up is Peri, a 9year old Persion. Peri was a rescue cat and none of us can work out why someone would give her up! She is a super cuddly lady who licks us when we brush her! Next up is an old friend of mine, Ginger Ninja, a 17month old moggy cat. Ginger Ninja and I get into all sorts of mischief together when he comes to holiday. We usually both need a holiday from his holiday!! Lastly, we have Frazer, an 11year olf Maltese cross. Frazer was actually booked in to board at one of the kennels while his family were away, but he got sick with pancreatits a few days before they were due to leave, so Frazer got to spend his holiday here. Frazer is a super cheeky boy who likes to break into the bin when he is given free range time. If you head over to my Facebook album, Joey’s Pet of the Week, you can check out their pics. I have also uploaded a pic of Ruby, Dr David’s puppy, who is here while the Loneragan’s are in Fiji. Dr David loves it when we dress up the pets, so we put extra stuff on Ruby…

Ok, time for me to have a nap before I have dinner and go to bed. Hope you all have a great long weekend and I’ll chat to you all next week. Meows for now, love Joey xoxo

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