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Joey’s Pet of the Week – Psoas’ Sore Wing

By Scott Lackenby | Dated August 14, 2014

Heya everyone!! Phew! What a week I’ve had! It’s been a busy and interesting week here at GVH. It’s tiring sometimes being a clinic cat at a Pymble Vet Hospital! I wonder if other clinic cats are forced to work as hard as me? I don’t even get to rest on Sundays because I’m busy helping Maureen with dog training for Puppy School. Don’t tell anyone, but I actually enjoy helping Maureen. She pays me in cooked chicken!

We’ve had a fantastic response to our amazing Dental Month competition. I know I’ve said it a bunch of times, but the prize is SPECTACULAR!! If you haven’t entered yet, be sure to do it after you’ve finished reading this. When you see how great the prize is, you’ll be thanking me!

My diet is going super well, I’m back under 5kg! To celebrate this, I’ve appointed myself as chief taste tester for the RSPCA’S Cupcake Day on Monday! There is going to be a heap of tasty treats and also so dog friendly Pup cakes, so if you are in the area on Monday, be sure to pop in, buy a cupcake and help support the great work the RSPCA does.

We’ve had some really interesting wildlife in this week. We had a bat brought in after he was found on the side of the road and couldn’t fly. As you know, you shouldn’t pick up bats unless you have had a special vaccination. Lucky for the little bat, Dr John Morgan is up to date with that and he used a special anesthetic gas to make him sleepy so he could have a good look at him. Apart from a cut on his lip and an abrasion on his left wing, he checked out fine and went to a special bat carer that afternoon. If you find an injured bat, don’t touch it. Call Sydney Wildlife Service or WIRES and they will send out a special carer. We also had a baby Plover who hatched on a football field and almost got trampled by a game of soccer! No one could see the little ones parents and there were lots of dogs around, so a good samariten dropped him in to us where he was given a clean bill of health and picked up by a wildlife carer.

There’s been so many interesting cases in this week, I couldn’t pick just one, so this week I have THREE stars! First we have Flossy, a chicken who had a sore foot. We think she had Bumblefoot, which is a bacterial infection and inflammatory reaction seen on the feet of birds and rodents. Dr removed the dead tissue from Flossy’s foot, bathed it with an antiseptic and then bandaged her foot to protect it. Flossy was also sent home with antibiotics and anti inflammatories. If you think medicating a cat is hard, you should try medicating a chicken!!

My second star is the handsome Charlie, when you see the picture of Charlie in my album you’ll understand why his family called him Charlie! Charlie is an almost 4year old Ragdoll who came to us with terrible diarrhoea which was caused by a highly contagious cat virus called Corona Virus. Corona Virus is common in multi cat households and can be a result of stress, a poor immune system and is more commonly seen in young cats. Corona Virus can mutate into a nasty thing called FIP, Feline Infectious Peritonitis, which is fatal. Charlie was a sick kitty and we were very worried that he had developed FIP but after almost 2weeks, almost half of which he spent in hospital with us, Charlie is finally starting to improve.

My third and final star is someone who both fascinated and slightly scared me. Psoas, a 7 1/2 year old Goose came in with a sore wing. Psoas had an ingrown feather that Dr John had to remove. But having one goose in wasn’t the scary bit. Psoas bought his goose friend Khi in for moral support as the suffer from separation anxiety! Everyone enjoyed having the geese in, while kept a safe distance when they weren’t in a cage.

I told you I’d been busy! I’m tired just reading about it all! Better go and have a nap. Don’t forget to enter the amazing Dental Month competition, come in and see us on Monday for Cupcake Day AND check out all the pics from the week in my album. You’ll be busy too doing all of that! Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you all next week. Meows for now, love Joey xoxo

Scott Lackenby
Written by Scott Lackenby

Scott joined the team at Gordon Vets in 1999, where he was immediately impressed with the high standard of customer service. Scott is very popular amongst clients for his kind hearted approach to pet care and his great sense of humour. His particular areas of interest are endocrinology and dermatology.

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