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Joey’s Pet of the Week

By Scott Lackenby | Dated July 11, 2014

Hey again! Sorry about yesterday. It’s been so busy this week. Nurse Layne has been holidaying in Hawaii and Dr John is enjoying a South American holiday. Hopefully they remember to send me a postcard. I love getting postcards.

I know we have spoken about this before, but it’s super important and this month is dedicated to it, so I thought we should talk about it again. I’m talking about desexing. It’s SO important to get your 4 legged friends desexed. Aside from helping to limit the number of animals who end up in the pound from unplanned breeding, there are a heap of health benefits too. Entire, or un-desexed females can develop nasty mammary tumors and a potentially fatal uterine infection called Pyometra. Entire males can develop prostate problems and testicular cancer. All of these can be prevented by desexing your pet. And it’s not just dogs and cats we desex. It’s equally important to desex your bunnies, particularly if you have more than one bunny and you are unsure if they are boys or girls. They really mean it when they say breed like rabbits! And want to know an interesting desexing fact? Female ferrets can die if they go into heat and aren’t mated! See, desexing really is important!!

My stars this week are two desexes that Dr Helen did this week, Mikki the Husky and Doo the Malamute. Both are 6 months old, which is the perfect age to get desexed. It’s usually a simple procedure for boys like Doo, our bits are external so are easy to find and remove. It is a more in depth procedure for girls like Mikki, but we make sure everyone has pain relief so no one is in pain. Mikki and Doo will need to take it easy while they have stitches, but once they have them out in 10 days, they’ll be back to being normal cheeky puppies.

Well, better go. If you want to know more about desexing or your 4 legged friend is due to be done, please give us a call and we can have a chat. Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you all next week. Meows for now, love Joey xoxo

Scott Lackenby
Written by Scott Lackenby

Scott joined the team at Gordon Vets in 1999, where he was immediately impressed with the high standard of customer service. Scott is very popular amongst clients for his kind hearted approach to pet care and his great sense of humour. His particular areas of interest are endocrinology and dermatology.

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