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Joey’s Pet of the Week

By admin | Dated March 6, 2014

FranHeya gang!! How are you all?? Hopefully you’ve had a better week than me. I had to have a blood test!! And you know how good of a patient I am! As you know, I’m an itchy kitty and Dr John started me on a Cortisone spray to help me. Unfortunately it hasn’t been working so well so I’ve started on a new fancy tablet. Tune in on Tuesday and I’ll tell you all about it in my Tuesday Tip.
We had a double celebration on Tuesday. We celebrated Nurse Emma’s 1year anniversary of starting with us at GVH and it was Nurse Layne’s birthday. And you know what celebrations at GVH mean. CAKE!!! I really like cake so I’m always happy when there are birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate.
Something a little different for you all this week. I thought on the first Thursday of each month, I would tell you about a GVH staff member instead of a pet. That way, you can get to know all of the amazing people who look after me and your 4legged friends. So, to start us off, let me introduce you to Nurse Fran, the newest addtion to the GVH team. Nurse Fran started with us in 2012 as a volunteer in the Duke of Edinburough program and she was FANTASTIC!! She always came in with a smile of her face and was super keen to help us out. She was so keen that she even volunteered to come in for a few hours to help us out on Christmas Day!! As a result of her amazingness, we offered her a job. Nurse Fran started off working casually after school and on weekends, but this year, she has left school and is working with us a lot more. Nurse Fran LOVES working with animals and really wanted to be a part of thier care. Nurse Fran said she was also infulenced by the other Nurses at GVH and wanted to be more involved. Before starting with us, Nurse Fran worked at chemist in Gordon and at a riding school. She says the best part of the job is seeing animals go home happy and healthy after coming in sad and sick and the worst part is that we see a lot of wildlife that comes in and is too sick to be saved. Nurse Fran’s first pet was a Pomeranian x Poodle called Rascal, who she still has today as well as a Groodle (Golden Retriever x Poodle) called Jessie and a horse called Lord. When she’s not a work, Nurse Fran loves nothing more than spending the day with Lord. Be sure to say hello to Nurse Fran when you pop in next.
Well, I had better go. I heard a rumor there was still a little bit of cake left over. Be sure to check out the pictures of Nurse Layne’s birthday cake in my Facebook album. Enjoy the rest of the week, check out my post on Tuesday about my new fancy drugs, and I’ll catch you all later. Meows for now, love from Joey xoxo

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