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Pet of the week is Hulk the Saint Bernard

By David Loneragan | Dated September 13, 2017

Hulk recently visited the Hospital and underwent a small procedure. Weighing in at over 80kg, it took two nurses to support his head while Dr Scott intubated him and 6 people to lift him onto the surgery table! We didn’t even have a cage large enough to settle him in, so he had to have his own room!

Saint Bernard’s have been recorded reaching weights of up to 110kg. This breed originates from the Swiss and Italian Alps, and actually got its name from the beautiful Great Saint Bernard Pass in the Alpine landscapes of the Aosta Valley.

St. Bernard’s were bred for alpine rescue missions to recover lost mountaineers who had become buried by avalanches or lost in the snow. They are well suited to this because of their uncanny sense of smell and direction and their resilience to the cold.

David Loneragan
Written by David Loneragan

David grew up and still lives locally and has worked at Gordon Vet since 1985. His love of animals and interest in all things veterinary started when he was a young boy spending time with his own pets and working on a country farm.David’s post-graduate studies have been in the fields of medical problems of dogs and cats and diagnostic ultrasound and radiology. In addition, he is interested in dermatology, cardiology and ophthalmology.

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