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Pet of the week! Donald the not so average Cockatoo

By Sam Lackenby | Dated September 6, 2017

A Sulphur-crested Cockatoo was bought into the hospital recently by a concerned member of the public. This was not your average sulphur. He could say hello, liked sitting on peoples shoulders and even enjoyed being stroked! We knew straight away that this must be someone’s pet.

We soon learned that his name was Donald. He had been rescued by a WIRES carer, spent a short time in care and was later released. Donald however, had different ideas. He quite liked being around people, and kept returning to the carer’s house wanting free food and affection. He still partially lives with his carer, but comes and goes as he pleases. He has been known to land on unsuspecting peoples shoulders and has even followed kids to school. Donald has become a regular at vet clinics in the area as he is often being picked up by members of the public who think that he is lost. During his stay, Donald was micro chipped by Dr John so that he could be identified if he comes in again.

If you happen to come across injured wildlife, the best thing to do is to throw a towel or blanket over the animal and place it in a cardboard box. Take it to a vet as soon as possible or contact WIRES ( 1300 094 737) or Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services (9413 4300).

If you would like to learn a little more about Donald’s adventures, you can follow him on Instagram at Donald_cockatoo.

Sam Lackenby
Written by Sam Lackenby

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