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Ku-Ring-Gai Veterinary Safety Advice for Dog Owners: Seat Belts Save Lives and Not Just Humans!

By admin | Dated February 17, 2014

Putting on your seat belt is one of those things that we do automatically every time we get in the car, and on most occasions we do it without thinking about it. We all know how important it is to wear a seat belt but did you know that it is equally important to make sure your dog is restrained when they are travelling in the car?

It is now a NSW legal requirement to ensure all dogs are either restrained in a carry cage or with a safety harness, which can be safely attached to your dog’s seat belt.

If you are caught with an unrestrained dog while driving, the fine is approximately $350 and 3 demerit points deducted from your driver’s license. The fine increases to around $450 if you are in a school zone. If your dog is injured as a result of being unrestrained, you could face up to 6 months in jail and a $5500 fine under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. Unless being used to work, livestock and dogs that are unrestrained on the back of a ute will incur an on-the-spot fine of $500. And while it may seem like common sense, animals are not permitted to be carried on a motorbike between the rider and the handle bars or in any other position that interferes with the rider’s ability to control the bike.

So why are these rules in place? For two very important reasons. It keeps not only your beloved canine companion safe, but it also keeps you safe. We all know how distracting it is having a bouncy dog in the car. And if you are involved in an accident, an unrestrained dog becomes a projectile body loose in your car with the potential to injure you and them.

Wondering how you can safely restrain your pooch for car trips and avoid a fine? Easy! All you need is a harness and a seat belt adaptor, which are available by obtaining advice from your local Ku-Ring-Gai veterinary staff members when you visit Gordon Vet Hospital. They can even fit it on your dog for you to demonstrate.

For smaller breeds you can also have the option of using a crate or carry cage, like you would for a cat. Nurse Layne has just ordered in some gorgeous harnesses, so come in and have a look so you can make sure your pooch is nice and safe when you are travelling in the car.

So speak to your local Ku-Ring-Gai veterinary team today at Gordon Vet Hospital and keep your dog safe at all times when travelling.

Written by admin

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