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Joey’s Pet of the Week – Eugene and the Earring

By admin | Dated April 26, 2017

Hey everyone!! I need to report a case of abuse. And not just any sort of abuse, clinic cat abuse. I was put in cat gaol the other day. Yes, you read that right, I got locked up for my alleged bad behaviour. My alleged crime, stealing food intended for hospitalised animals. Now, I believe that there is a video online of me allegedly stealing food, my lawyer is currently working to have this removed from the internet, but I 100% deny these allegations and believe I should be issued an immediate apology. Preferably an apology written on a cake. This is me, clearly looking innocent, in cat gaol. I’ll let you, my beloved readers, decided if the punishment fit the alleged crime…..FullSizeRender

My star this week is the tiny and adorable Eugene, a 3month old Dachshund from Killara. Eugene was brought in to see Dr John Morgan after he had had diarrhoea for the past couple of days. Eugene had then poo’d out one of his human sister’s earrings. Eugene was still bright and happy and hungry, but Dr John admitted Eugene for an Xray to make sure there wasn’t the matching earring still in his tummy. eugene1 (1)

Lucky for Eugene, there was no second earring, and thankfully no other foreign bodies, on his Xray. Dr John prescribed Eugene some anti-biotics and advised his humans to feed him a bland diet of cooked chicken and rice for at least a week and to bring him back if he didn’t improve.

Dr John in his Xray gear and Eugene

Dr John in his Xray gear and Eugene

Well, better go. I’m waiting on a call from my lawyer to see how she’s going getting the video of me allegedly stealing food removed from the internet. Meows for now, love Joey xox


Written by admin

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