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Joey’s Event of the Week – Dog’s Day Out

By admin | Dated March 29, 2017

Hey everyone!! How are you all? Things have been a little stressful here at GVH with the ongoing phone issues. Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. It’s as issue with our phone carrier and they are trying to fix it for us ASAP. In the meantime, we only have one line that works. So please be patient if you are trying to call us. For non-urgent issues and enquiries, please email us, info@gordonvet.com.au  I’m in charge of regularly checking the emails, so I promise to get back to you.

So, this week I was asked to write about an event that has nothing to do with cats. It was also an event that I was yet again not invited to. Even after I volunteered to go. I have actually volunteered to go EVERY year since I have been an integral member of the GVH team. But, because I am a professional clinic cat, I will do it anyways. On Sunday, Dr David Loneragan, Dr Scott Lackenby, Nurse Hollie and Nurse Janie went to the Ku-ring-gai Council’s Annual Dog’s Day Out.dogs day out6 It was a hot and humid day, but lots of humans and doggies were there to enjoy the entertainment. As part of our stall, we ran a guessing competition. You had to stick your hand in a box and guess what was inside. We had four boxes, one containing spider webs and spiders, the second had kitty litter in it, the third had a toy mouse and the last had wet dog food in it. YUK!! We haven’t been able to get in touch with the winner yet, but I will keep you posted. With the entry fee people had to pay to guess what was in the box, we will be making a donation to Guide Dogs.dogs day out4

There were loads of fun activities. Nurse Janie had two highlights. Firstly watching dog trainers Steve Austin and Ryan Tate with their super talented conservation dogs. These doggies are trained to help detect endangered or invasive species. The demonstration included the dogs detecting hawk weed, an invasive plant that poses a major threat to conservation areas and native grass land, These crafty canines also showed how to detect koala scat, or poo. It’s pretty amazing work that these conservation dogs do.

Nurse Janie’s second highlight, and I must say, it’s a pretty exciting one. Her super cute dog, Rhea the Whippet one first place in the trick competition! Rhea packed up her toys into a basket!! She won an amazing champions ribbon. I’ll be practising for next year. And also working on my dog costume so no one suspects that I’m actually a cat…..RIBBON

Nurse Janie took a HEAP of amazing photo’s, and there’s also a fantastic video of Rhea performing her trick. I’ll add a special album to Facebook for the extra photos. Well, better go. The sun is shining and I have sun baking to do. Meows for now, love Joey xox

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