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Treatment Room

treatment room

The treatment area is the largest section of the hospital and is the central wing of the hospital where the other wards connect to. It consists of 2 examination tables (including a wet-prep facility), 2 portable dental outfits, 4 anaesthetic machines, an emergency “crash” cart, our intensive care unit (ICU), a pathology area including laboratory equipment for rapid blood analysis and microscopy and recovery beds for animals to be observe closely while waking up from an anaesthetic. The treatment room is where animals are anaesthetised and prepared for surgery. Animals are also examined regularly in this room by the vet if they are hospitalised. It is also the area where nail clips and bandage changes are most often carried out.

All our floor coverings are hospital-grade waterproof vinyl to allow for excellent cleaning standards. Our hospital maintenance and infection control protocols are adhered to by all our staff and this is reflected in the extreme cleanliness of the building as a whole. We are proud of the standard of care that each patient receives inside the treatment area and are more than happy to show clients through for a tour of our premises.

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