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Reception Area


Our reception is staffed with experienced veterinary nurses able to offer helpful advice in the fields of pet nutrition, pet behaviour problems, husbandry, dental care and training aids. Our nurses are regularly complimented on their polite and helpful manner towards clients and the attention they give to the pets that come in — dogs are greeted with a delicious Vets Best dried liver treat while they hop on the scales to be weighed. There are two doors (an entry and an exit) which allows a smooth and stress free traffic flow of pets and people. The waiting area is large enough to separate nervous animals from more boisterous pets.

We ensure that we keep waiting times for clients very short-lived to avoid undue stress for your animals. Usually, after the animal is weighed, the nurse will show you and your pet into a clean consultation room. From here, the vet will arrive within a few minutes.

In the instance of an emergency (such as a vehicle accident), please keep in mind that critical cases and all animals that are in pain are “triaged” and seen immediately, overriding scheduled appointments. We normally have 2-3 vets consulting at any one time to allow us to deal with emergencies promptly.

All cats and dogs that weigh less than 10kg will usually be weighed in the consultation room with our baby scales for a more accurate weight recording.

We also stock designer leads and collars, pet toys, healthy treats and have a large range of premium dog and cat diets, primarily Hills Science Diet, which our vets and vet nurses feed their own pets. Our dental care section has a stock of toothbrushes, toothpastes and dental hygiene products to help maintain your pet’s teeth.

You can also buy a full range of products online through our website – click on the shopping link.

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