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New Products

A dog flea tablet that lasts for a whole month

A new flea preventative product called Comfortis has just been released in the last few months in Australia. Rather than a spot-on or flea rinse, Comfortis is a flavoured monthly tablet available for dogs and kills fleas continuously for up to a month. This is ideal to use in dogs that swim, where topical products are not as effective.

Help for Vomiting

A new anti-vomiting drug called Cerenia has recently been released. It is unique because of its dual action effect and can be useful to just about any cause of vomiting including car sickness but without the sedative effects of other tablets.

No more antibiotic tablets?

Sound too good to be true? Convenia is a new broad spectrum antibiotic that lasts for two weeks in dogs and cats. It is safe and effective against a wide range of bacteria, getting the full course of antibiotics into your pet is assured and is given as a painless injection under the skin.

A once a day ear drop

Mometamax is the sister drug to the popular Otomax ear ointment. It is similarly effective against bacteria, fungii and has an anti-inflammatory action. The difference is that it need only be applied once a day, saving time and increasing compliance.

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