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Birds, Small Mammals & Wildlife

exotics-wildlifeWhile the majority of our patients are dogs and cats, our vets are also experienced in the veterinary care of other species including:

  • Small mammals (rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, mice)
  • Wildlife care (native Australian animals eg possums, bandicoots, wild birds, reptiles)
  • Birds

For small mammals such as rabbits, where the correct nutrition is so important, we stock the recommended diets by OXBOW – strongly recommended by rabbit vets internationally. Please contact us on 9498 3000 for any questions regarding your pet rabbit, ferret, guinea pig or rodent.

For complicated bird problems we will refer you to an avian specialist. Please phone and speak to one of our nurses to determine whether the problem can be treated at Gordon Vet Hospital or requires an avian specialist. There is a bird specialist practice at Waterloo in Sydney, headed by Dr Alex Rosenwax: www.birdvet.com.au

For pet reptiles and amphibians we recommend organising an appointment with Dr David Vella at Crows Nest, by phoning him on 9436 4884 or visiting his website: www.davidvella.com.au

We accept sick and injured wildlife free of charge from members of the local community. They are then assesses by one of our veterinarians. If they are well enough for  rehabilitation they are transferred to carers from WIRES or Sydney Metro Wildlife.

Caring For Sick & Injured Wildlife

Gordon Veterinary Hospital sees and treats over one thousand wildlife cases each year, including on public holidays. These animals include possums, bandicoots, birds and reptiles. This service is offered to the general public free of charge. Our veterinary staff work in conjunction with Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services and WIRES to rehabilitate sick and injured wildlife. However, it is important to understand that animals that have been severely injured or extremely ill, rendering them unable to survive in the wild, must be humanely euthanased. This is a policy of NSW National Parks and Wildlife and is in the best.

What should I do if I find an injured wild animal?

Our hospital really appreciates people bringing in injured and sick wildlife, rather than leaving them to suffer. If an animal has been obviously attacked or hit by a car ,then bring it to us straight away. Be careful handling wildlife; often gardening gloves and a thick towel are a good way to transport them into a cardboard box. By surrendering the animal to us, we are then responsible for the decisions on its welfare.

If you find an abandoned baby animal then please phone Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife services (ph 9413 4300) or WIRES (ph 8977 3333) for advice. In spring, young growing birds are encouraged out of the nest and forced to learn to fly over a 2 week period. This means they are often easy to catch and hopping along the ground. The parents are usually hanging around and still feeding their young at this stage. It is important not to interrupt this process.

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