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Enisyl – For Cat Flu Prevention

Up to 97% of cats have serological evidence of exposure to FHV-1, which is the cause of the most severe and widespread respiratory infection in cats, Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (FVR). Several studies demonstrate L-lysine supplementation to cats infected with FHV-1 was associated with reduced viral shedding, and also reduced clinical signs.

Enisyl-F is the first lysine-based nutritional supplement developed for veterinary use, presented as a very palatable paste in a pump distributing 1 ml per pressure.

We suggest Enisyl if your cat is boarding or in a stressful situation and has a chance of shedding the herpes virus. For example boarding over Christmas is a great time to usde Enisyl. Ring the practice for more information on (02) 9498 3000

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