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Disease Outbreaks

Myxomatosis in Rabbits – May 2010

Recently we have diagnosed an increased number of cases of the deadly myxomatosis virus in both wild and pet rabbits in our local area. This has resulted in devastating losses of much loved pet rabbits who have contracted the disease. Protect your bunny’s hutch by using insect-proof mosquito netting as often the virus is contracted via insects. Read more.

Baitings – February 2010

The National Parks & Wildlife Service is undertaking control programs as follows:

    • Foxes – 1080 poison baiting
    • Rabbits – Pindone baiting and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Viral Disease.

The community will be informed by signs at reserve entrances and neighbours by letterbox flyer or personal communication.

Nine monthly vaccination against RHVD (calicivirus) is advised.

Tick Troubles – November 2009

2009 may well rate as one of the worst years for ticks in recent memory. The warm, wet weather has led to a proliferation of ticks and anecdotal evidence would suggest that pets are being more severely affected than usual. Prevention is better than cure so be vigilant with tick searches and preventatives – read more.

Baitings – November 2009

There are no scheduled council baitings for the rest of the year. National Parks & Wildlife Service baitings may still occur and we are not always advised of these.

Flea Outbreak – May 2009

We have seen an unseasonal outbreak of fleas through autumn and many of our patients are being driven crazy by the itching. There is rarely one perfect product to control fleas but a combination of proven medications and careful attention to the environment can make a big difference. See our flyer for helpful suggestions on controlling fleas and give us a call if you have any questions.

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