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Animal Wards

To minimise stress, transmission of infectious disease and increase the comfort of our patients, our facility is equipped with four separate animal wards.

    • 1) Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
    • 2) Dog Ward
    • 3) Cat Ward
    4) Isolation Ward

The pet wards are kept in pristine condition and disinfected twice daily by our dedicated ward nurses. These nurses are rostered especially to ensure that animals’ beds are promptly cleaned, kept dry and excrement removed immediately. Dogs are walked twice daily (at least) to a grassy patch so they can relieve themselves. Cat litter is constantly monitored to ensure they are replaced quickly after they are soiled. All wards are well-ventilated and connected to our central heating system.

Dogs that accidentally make a mess of themselves are promptly bathed and this service is complimentary. Our cat ward has a plug-in diffuser called Feliway – this is a relaxing feline pheromone that is emitted to help cats feel relaxed during their stay.

The isolation ward is reserved for animals with a contagious disease. Efforts are made to minimise the risk of transmission of disease by having these patients isolated from the others. Strict hygiene procedures are adhered to when handling these patients.

Cats and dogs that board with us must have their vaccinations current and their flea and worm treatment up to date. Nurses diligently notify the vets if an animal is unwell or not eating properly. Our records for animals that are boarding with us are extensive and include details about their eating, drinking, urinating and defecating habits every day. All animals are weighed when they board with us.

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